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Acquire new customers, improve loyalty and keep customer relationships alive. Actively!


We offer you an exclusive or additional sales channel to your already existing Sales Channels. We offer competent assistance in all sales activities and a trusted Back-Office. We emphasize the quality of your services and products.


We are your sales assistant.

  • We arrange appointments with new clients for your sales team.
  • We attract new customers for your business.
  • We reactivate and maintain your existing client base.
  • We sell for you
  • We constantly collect valuable sales and customer data.


SUCCEDANT means support in high quality marketing for companies that want to establish new relationships with business customers (B2B) or expand existing ones.

SUCCEDANT creates benefits for its clients, increasing the number of new customers as well as achieving greater and/or additional sales.

SUCCEDANT does not only enhance the success of its clients, but also their degree of notoriety.

SUCCEDANT is a competent working team with independent and transparent processes.

SUCCEDANT optimizes the commercial processes and sales spirit of its clients through professional conduct and cost reduction.

Modular support services.

  1. Prior definition of the clientele and clear focus on the “ideal client”.
  2. Acquisition of defined addresses.
  3. Professional contact: from the simple initial contact to the professional meeting.
  4. Performing a customer service at the highest professional and personal level.
  5. Closing of the desired services (appointment, contract, session starting, …).
  6. Documentation and reprocessing of all stages of commercialization.
  7. Complete control and presentation of the reporting on the support process carried out.

Typical sales support services …

  • Generation of new clients based on the previously defined addresses that we provide.
  • Presentation of new products and interest generation.
  • Appointment coordination (e.g. with artisans, sales representatives, sales agents in general).
  • Follow-up of sales meetings.
  • Live presentation of online products (e.g. Fintech and Insurtech products).
  • Processing of tasks resulting from sales meetings.
  • Maintenance (constantly) and update of contacts with customers.
  • Carry out campaigns with the complete processing of all subsequent activities.
  • Acceptance and processing of incoming orders.

Our chain of value generation.

  1. From the contact to the first interview.
  2. From the first meeting to the potential client.
  3. From potential client to client.
  4. From client to satisfied and loyal customer.

How do we do it?

  • With knowledge, sensitivity, intuition, empathy and the best technology available.
  • With an appropriately selected and well-paid team, oriented towards success.
  • Through the harmony of the team with the client.
  • Through intensive training of the team, project oriented.
  • In constant information exchange with our clients.
  • With the continuous improvement of the team.
  • Through clearly defined processes, optimal directions and verified quality.
  • With transparency, openness and customer-oriented communication.
  • Multilingual (up to eight languages).

SUCCEDANT Spain operates an international sales expert company, in order to support high quality sales and assume individual services as well as customer services for its clients. SUCCEDANT Spain offers a good score combination with an intelligent and original approach, being a small but exquisite provider of individualized services, specialized in sophisticated equipment. By means of professional output solutions, you will achieve greater sales efficiency and customer acquisition, as well as improve the dialogue with the client and the management of appointments. Our sales consultants are experts and strategically will boost your sales, with a focus on pre-sales and after-sales services.




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Gremi Sabaters 21 – 2 °

07009 Palma de Mallorca

Balearic Islands / Spain

CEO: Antonio Rey

Email: info@succedantspain.com

VAT Code: ESB16593857

Tax identification number: B16593857

Registration in the Commercial Registry:

Court of First Instance of Palma

CR HOJA PM-85022, TOMO 2781, FOLIO 119